The Mean Croboys

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|}} Mean Croboys is a long-running, satirical animated series. It is about 6 Republicans, though not religious, characters who beat liberals up. They include some guys.


Six Mean Croboys

One Eyed Smith: A one-eyed mutant who leads the Mean Croboys into action. He is by far the most intellegent of the group, and speaks with a Shakespearian accent.

Spot: An Arabian frog who screams at all the other members and is generally held in a low position.

Jimmy Q****: A punky, nerdy little kid who wants to be nice to everyone and secretly lusts after Hottieblonde. (who dosen't?)

Hottie Blonde: An extreme example of a show's sexy dumb character, Hottie Blonde can barely talk due to her stupidity and apparently does not believe in wearing any top.

Bob the Robot: A nearly obsolete robot who calls everybody he meets an Arlen-ass. He also spurts out smoke practically all the time and has a very feeeble-sounding voice.

Erica Samantha Tabitha Jefferson: A former Goth girl and daughter of an ultra-conservative redneck, Erica is in the process of reform, but she is significantly the least conservative of the Mean Croboys.

Other Characters

Professor Miashertz: Pronounced My Ass Hurts, this is a mad scientist who tries hard to kill Mean Croboys. He supports Mr. McQuarry.

Isis: A character from the TV series I Hate Isis who plays the one everyone hates. The show is a parody of I Love Lucy.

Osiris: Isis's husband.

The Anubises: The next door neighbors to Osiris and Isis.

Ole Man Whiskey: One of the oldest recurring characters, Ole Man Whiskey is a moonshine-making hillbilly who tries to sell the Mean Croboys his stuff.

Mr. Stone: A swearing old man with green skin who is a common helper of the Mean Croboys.

Mr. McQuarry: A stereotypical liberal politician and arch-enemy of the Mean Croboys.

Mark Hamster: A crazy old guy who convinced everyone that he was Jesus in the episode Jesus is Comin' To Town. He caused Hottie Blonde to have a temporary religious rebirth.

Billy on the Bayou: A cajun idiot who says 'yep' and 'howdy' a lot. He throws jambalaya at anyone who dosen't like him.

Jane Stupidity: A friend of Hottie Blonde who protested against Orlando Bloom by saying 'What can I say, he looks ugly.'

Riley Patrick McGuinness: A grumpy old Irishman who pees on people, especially gay people like Mr. Graham.

Mr. Graham: A gay, ugly Englishman who secretly has a crush on Riley, although he is also Riley's worst enemy.

Kitty McGuinness: Riley's daughter, who is a conservative Irish Catholic hottie and protested against Orlando Bloom with Hottie Blonde and Jane.

Mr. Testes: A fat, welfare-dwelling bozo from Kansas who, just to freak out social conservatives, screams the name of his home state.

Token Whale: A whale added 'so that the animal rights freaks woudn't get mad'.

Gary Snake: A debaucherous politician obviously based on Mr. Cook from Alamance Alfred. He lives with the Mean Croboys, who consider him a complete pest.

Evan Jellycall: A fundamentalist social conservative with a Southern accent who runs a local hardware store called If ya ain't Christian, ya suck!

Park Grant: A new-age hippie who complains about the Mean Croboys and annoys them, although he is not as bad as Mr. McQuarry.

Mr. Lynch: A Republican politician from Mississippi whom the Mean Croboys greatly support.

Mr. Fayette: A black guy who is sometimes a helper of the Mean Croboys, but also sometimes their enemy. He lives below the poverty line.

Randolph the Blue-Assed Lizard: A parody of stop-motion Rankin/Bass Christmas shows about a blue-assed lizard.

Mr. Gay Guts: A liberal who attempted to hold a Gay Pride Parade in the Mean Croboys' hometown of Liquorville, NJ before he was stopped by One Eyed Smith.

Sappy Fred: A sappy friend of Jimmy Q**** who Jimmy threw into a creek after he found out he was a gay liberal.

Pete: A nerd who was Jimmy's friend until Jimmy joined the Mean Croboys and found out Pete was in support of abortion.

The Old Liberal Guy: An old liberal guy who keeps begging to be euthanized, although the Mean Croboys stop anyone who tries to do so.

Dr. Chiang: A liberal Chinese doctor who almost euthanized Old Liberal Guy, though he never succeeded because Bob pushed out of a window.

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