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Shinigan Down is a very controversial animated television series about a day in the life of some Southern African American college students. It was ultra-PIC and progressive media claimed it was "racist" because of its obvious conservative bias. It was shown on Crohelm Channel, which is a taher obscure one. It was from TuliniKrobi Productions and made 150 episodes, all with a TV-MA rating. It ran from 1995-2003.

Despite the calims that the show was racist, this may have been simply rational thinking by non-racist liberals themselves.


Nick Ruck is a swearing African American guy who, despite being 20 years old, has an obsession with testes which would juvenile if he were white. He is viewed as being lower class among the yuppie college students and is often a target of laughter and abuse. However he has a good, beer-filled life. He comes from a poor background, because of racism.

Mark F. Lordy is Nick's overweight, but more mature friend who likes getting drunk, however. He was, despite being of a poor background, an experienced guy when he was young, but started to slowly become less educated. He has to become friends with underachievers like Nick Ruck so that he can see whether he still could have any friendship. He does not like Nick's scrotum jokes. He himself says profane language alot.

Mellie Nuff was , in school, a wealthy girl who looked down on those "beneath her". She is still wealthy, but her sexy, busty figure lead to years of sexual abuse. She tries to make up for her snobiness in earlier life by befriending a bunch of people of non-wealthy classes, however at times she can get snobby. Nick and Mark strive to enjoy there college lives, but Mellie seems forever miserable and depressed. She also loves putting playthings in her vag.

Robby Ruck is Nick's annoying brother who has graduated from college and lives in a nearby community, and since the parents died, is taking care of the other sibling.

Ted Ruck is the punky brother, who lives with Robby and causes trouble. Even more annoying than Robby.

Sherry Lordy is Mark's sexy 17-year-old sister.

Mr. Obeckus is the constantly swearing math teacher. He is also a croboy, who holds his shit-staff to punish people.

Ned DeSoto is a "cool" guy who hates Nick and Mark.

Larry Nuggets is a guy who does his homework for people. Hates Nick and Mark and refers to them alot as "quinns".

Shitterson is the science teacher who beats the class up.

Mr. Runnington is the enforcer of homework.

Bill Beer is the main troublemaker at college. Hangs out with a lot of hotties.

Red Marlborough is a black redneck. He teases Nick and Mark.

Lars is a popular, alternative sexuality Swedish student.

Principal Alfred is the mean-spirited, ugly, bald, fat jerk of a principal. Former politician.

Ronnie and Jim are two loud-mouthed, pathetic, swearing conjoined twins.

Jane North is a beer-guzzling friend of Mellie.

Sam Randleman is an ax-wielding misunderstood person who bombed the college in a 2002 episode, so the final season was set in a different building.

Albert Anockus is a serial misunderstood person who Nick and Mark trie hard to stop.

Nelvki Slividdi is a mentally challenged Litecoverian student. Hates Americans.

Mr. McBreasts is a mentally challenged fratboy. His lust interest is Mellie.

Curps is a robot who watches over the school.

Dr. Shinigan is their doctor. Loves beer.

Master Doikin is the owner of the Beer Drunkards fraternity.

Susan Darvin is a mysterious drunkard-hottie, drunkard-hottie, non sexist comment!

Luvie Nuff is Mellie's sister. She is extremely snobby,

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