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Reidsville Adventures is a short-lived series of comic books from Alfred Ralphingtoes, a worker on Rockingham County. It is all about a white teenager named Azen McCormick and hsi (mostly black) friends in the City of Reidsville, NC, which is better than King. It is so much better than King!! Man, it can't get much more "better than King" than REIDSVILLE!!!


  • Axen McCormick is a stereotypical teenager, who lives in Reidsinghouse Cros. He has trouble with homework. He usually doesn't do his homework. He also tries to fight with his racist father, Jebbinghouse.
  • Jebbinghouse McCormick is Axen's very racist father, who thinks his son is a demon of christ. He likes beer, pork rinds, and his son's genitalia.
  • Selma McCormick is the Sappy-Sap-Feminist mother. She married Jebbinghouse before She Came Out Of The Closet.
  • Jade Morose is Axen's clothing obsessed black friend of Axen. Clothes shops suck. She once protested against a movement to remove clothes shops in Pennrose Mall!
  • Ackson Jackson is Axen's other Black (better than whites) friend. Strongest and smartest kid in school.
  • Maple Monderson is a very nice bikini-wearing black girl and "friend" of Axen.
  • Mr. Toothinbutt is the white main teacher. Condemns cyberstalkers.
  • Theresa Shockmore is a hottie who cyberstalked a guy in wentworth. She was taken to court, but got out of trouble because the Wentwoth college student was gay.
  • Koko Morok is a cool black jock who likes relaxing at Pennrose Mall.
  • Jane and Nick are two friends of Koko. Jane is shallow and snobby whereasNick is just a shouting gutshit.
  • Octie is Axens pet octopus.


  • Lami Sqorg is a female rap artist and rapist. In constant competition with ESC.
  • Aki Muschrerumes is a member of the ESC rap group. Famosu for killing gays.
  • Morsoli Trauni Selli Shamontolrobbie Gay is a GAY1
  • Gary Gorge is a gangster.
  • Lane Tuddio is a white rival of Ackson and snobby popular hottie.
  • Danielle Hormone is a redneck hottie and cheerleader.
  • Disgruntled Dan is the sheriff of Rockingham County.

white people suck

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