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Maulbism Circle is a popular flash cartoon about a bunch of stupid teenagers in Mitchell, and their adventures at an area called Maulbism Circle. The series ran from September 2004 until its abrupt cancellation in August 2005.


  • Jack Monoroxi is a Liteco-American college freshman (or would have been, if he hadn't dropped out of high school) who is currently living on welfare, where he spends all his time eating fast food and playing a video game called Gay Action. You wonder why he isn't an obese. He belongs to a baseball team called The Shitfarters.
  • Ashley Horlockon is another member of the Shitfarters who is Jack's best friend. She comes from a success-driven family who do not like Jack and think he is a loser, however she is a willing friend and puts up with his idiocy (sometimes...).
  • Tosha Shekoinitia is Jack's would-be girlfriend who is obsessed with money and hates Ashley, considering her to be low-class and a rival in terms of popularity.
  • Samantha Shorgonn is Jack's girlfriend, a temperamental Gothic girl who makes sarcastic quips and who is currently in a hate-hate relationship with Jack. Only appeared during the first and second seasons.
  • Freddy-Boy is Jack's best friend. Freddy is a fat, mough loser who is obsessed with "sexing babes", ironic (or perhaps not) since he has been a virgin "since he was 12".
  • Sheonokis Harbidinjios is a Litecoverian snobby girl who hangs out with Tosha. Unlike Tosha, she refuses to condescend to speaking English, and therefore all her phrases are in subtitles.
  • Eben and Eden are Tosha's best friends. Eben is a Satanist with punk-rock aspirations, while Eden is ridiculously cheery.
  • Duncan Melvington is a the owner of the Maulbism Circle, who appeared in later episodes as a villainous character who makes rules that are impossible to follow.
  • Mellie Horlockon is Ashley's obese mother, who, after divorcing her unseen father, became poor, lost her croboy status, and moved into a trailer park. Last seen trying to kill the entire cast with a rusty pickaxe.
  • The Helvengay Kids are six children whose basic purpose in life is to be completely offensive. Their only quotes are (in unison): "GAY NIGGER!!" and "GAY PAKI!!", however they are mentioned in other episodes.
  • Mirri Shorle is a quiet, bookish girl who works at the beer vending machine. She has a crush on Jack.
  • Reckum Reidsville, referred to on the show as "Old Man Reckum", is a creepy aged pederast whose main goal in life is to "outdo" Herbert from Family Guy. He frequently goes into graphic detail about the sexual acts he engages in (or wishes to engage in) with his victims.
  • Hardy Billy is a Southern-accented yahoo who thinks Jack is a "mo-fo" and who carries a gun around in case anyone dares to steal his welfare checks.
  • Herrhormes and The Ericheimer Sisters are six lesbian Goth girls.
  • Ida Idiot is a trailer-trash obese whore who thinks that Maulbism Circle is a politically incorrect pile of crap.
  • The Hottie Gang is a group of girls, Tesha, a high-class kivle girl, Rita, a Goth girl, and Santeetlah, a pseudo-Goth Black with many STDs.
  • Gilbert Gay is the first gay ever to find the Circle.
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