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Chmorguphast Croboys (LITECO:ʑʌɘʃʙɾʍɚ ɚɾɳɕɛ) is a long-running show about two punky kids who were kicked out of the home of their ultraconservative family in Konnolani, Litecoveria for their liberal views. They now reside in Chmorguphast, Mitchell.



  • Verdershini Konnolini-----A loser from Konnolani who was left poor in the United States. He listens to Britney Spears and never cares to hear Lavender Wig.
  • Kolomosini Konnolini-----A twerp who is Vedershini's brother and listens not only to a certain incredibly horrible asshole but listens to Morko Remmerleni Vikoni.
  • Duxi Shminini-----A bully kid who sings Vlorvache Apeighnne.
  • Inkorgu Shminu-----A kid who does badly on his science.
  • Stamonski Shminu----- Inkorgu's Whipfather.
  • Tulinu Shminu-----A crying little kid who is scared of bullies. Inkorgu's brother.
  • Kendi Morgerani-----A TBH who Duxi tries to protect.
  • Arbij Lomikusini-----The teacher of the assholes and singer of Konnolani Elitist Mansions
  • Vemilu Terimilu-----A shallow girl obsessed with Babula and thinking the other people are losers.
  • Gex Terimilu-----A scared kid who always poops in his pants. Brother of Vemilu.
  • Normusinushinukolinu Wibu-----An elitist who picks on Kendi the TBH.
  • Zibi-----The keeper of the New Age movement in Chmorguphast
  • Lisu Korkiju-----A mysterious redneck who is considered evil since this show s PC.
  • The Konnolini's parents-----Konnolani snobs who banished their children.
  • Renki Zi Zu-----A croboy who helps the poor and is considered good.
  • Fugumogo Fugumogu Findishi-----A hospital croboy.
  • Shengi Lorakaki-----A conservationalist croboy who is considered good. He died when he tied himself to a tree.
  • Asgimu-----A police croboy.


Several clubs appeared in the show, including:

  • The Elitists Club.-----Includes Normusinushinukolinu Wibu and some other guys.
  • The Rednecks Club.-----Includes Lisu Korkiju, Himi Korkiju and other guys.
  • The Environmentalists Club.-----Includes Shengi Lorakaki, Zibi and some other guys.
  • The Liberals Club.-----Includes Renki Zi Zu and some other guys.
  • Unimportant clubs.-----Includes some guys.


Schools also appeared, such as Arbij's school which is the main one, UUUUUUU Wibu's elite school, and the Liberalism school.

Classic episodes

  • Kolis Tominsa cries
  • Himi's Ones
  • Kolomosini Ruins Chmorguphast
  • The Gap Tree-Killers

and some others.

TV ratings

Most of the episodes were rated TV-14, with 5 rated TV-PG and one rated TV-MA. Many ratingd were disputed.

Political correctness of Chmorguphast Croboys

It is PC, unlike what Wikipedia thinks.

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