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| show_name = Armenian Mom!
| caption = A great show  
| format = Animated Sitcom
| runtime = 30 Minutes
| creator = Mike Judge
| starring = Mike Judge
Kathy Najimy
Pamela Segall
Brittany Murphy
Cindy Sheehan
Ashley Gardner
Toby Huss
Lauren Tom
Stephen Root
Johnny Hardwick
David Herman
Johnathan Joss
Hillary Duff | country = USA | network = FOX | first_aired = 1999 | last_aired = current | num_episodes = 147 | imdb_id = 0118375}

Armenian Mom! is an Armenian TV series based on King of the Hill. It chronicles the adventures of Bobby Hill as an adult after he married an Armenian, who is the Armenian mom. It pokes fun both at the media's love for ethnic diversity and at animated sitcoms. It has a vast amount of characters. Sometimes Grampa Hank is also seen. It is very controversial due to the appearance of the Q word. Politics are a major standing, too, as all the characters are grouped as being either conservative of liberal, and topics such as war on terror, gay marriage, alcoholism, and substance abuse have been addressed.


Robeson G. Hill---The overweight dad who, despite the title, is by far the most important character. He is thoroughly disappointed by his three children. He is also likely gay, something which has been shown in both King of the Hill and several more recent episodes of the show, especially from the 7th season. He enjoys drinking beer, playing golf, using the internet to look up photos of male sex organs, swearing, making fun of his neighbor Mr. Goldman, and doing other things of that sort. In a recent episode he was revealed to be a bastard by Hank, who was in turn a bastard. Political Standing:Conservative

Yanarava Hill---The title character, she hates her Southern husband and feels that her extended family are her only escape from her low-class lifestyle. She neglects her children, other than David, whom she over-protects and patronizes to an extreme level, because of his Armenian features. The character may also be a closet lesbian, just like Bobby, but has only shown this once. Political Standing:Socialist

David Hill age 15---A butt-ugly dumb teenager who is one of their three children. He says 'dude' a lot, and has amazingly gigantic genitalia, which is his only good point. He is considered "special" according to some tests made. Overly patronized by Yanghes. He is also quite homophobic, but unaware that his father may be a homosexual. Political Standing:Conservative

Sandra Hill age 13---An ugly telepathic mutant and daughter of Bobby and Yanghes. She tries to control her powers but it often does not work. She hangs with her friends Ashley and Ben, in something of a "loser croud". Extremely leftist and in support of world peace and Action Against Hunger (AAH), which Bobby thinks stands for "abusive Aussie husband". Parody of teenage superheros. Political Standing:Liberal

Tyler Hill age 10---A creepy weird dork. He always seems so mysterious, but the reason is because he is a serial killer. He is often viewed as being the smartest character, despite his age. He is school nerd and therefore he has suffered significantly, most of which he takes out on his innocent victims. None of his friends or family know he is an evil genius, but he thinks "They're all dumbos anyway!". Political Standing:Unknown

George the Butler---A thickly British-accented butler who seemingly disappeared after 2001. He seems to behave like Jeeves, and solves problems Bobby is too dumb to see the answer to. It is unknown how they can afford him. Political Standing:Conservative

Spot the Frog---Their talking pet frog, Spot is a creepy girly-man. He was hit by a truck in 2003. Previously a fan favorite. He normally wears pink, and, although he claims to be straight, his sexuality is often ambiguous. As a family pet, he is surprsingly loud, profane, and buffoonish. Seems to be sympathetic with most leftist causes. Political Standing:Liberal

Aplla'polusa---A freaky weird wimpy TROQ seeking shelter from Sir Robert McAlpine in the Hills' house. He is not a deported Tamaranian, and therefore he is often the brunt of "troq jokes". Portrayed as being possibly the wimpiest, most decadent character in the entire show, though he claims he is mild for a troq. Political Standing:Liberal

Hob Goblin---An alcoholic Scotsman who likes to chug down Scotch whisky with his buds Bobby and Scrotum-Head. He is a highlander, and is bigoted against lowland Scotsmen, as he revealed during the Highland Games. Political Standing:Conservative

Willy 'Scrotum-Head' Jackson---A sullen old geezer who finds his only enjoyment by drinking lots of good intoxicants. He claims to be 92, and was born in Auckland, though he has not inherited any Aucklandish traits. Slightly mentally ill. Political Standing:Unkown

Ben Hunt---A friend of Sandra who loves his Southern heritage and frequently sells moonshine to the Hills. He represents the 'bootlegging hick' who loves beer, girls, and barfights. About 37 years old, and a teacher at the school Sandra goes to. Seems to be based on Phil Cunio. Political Standing:Conservative

Ashley Nutsplumsballsboystestes---A typical shallow 'mall-girl' who is concerned merely with shopping and dates. Supposed friend of Sandra, though she is really only in it for the publicity of being friend of a "radioactive freak". Modeled after Barbara McStacey from JATTK. Political Standing:Liberal

Grampa Hank---Bobby's father who was main character of King of the Hill. Prone to ranting, having flashbacks, drinking beer, homophobia, and racism. Bobby seems not to like him too much, because of his senility and tendency to get in the way of his life. Political Standing:Conservative

Dale Gribble---Hank's last best friend after his wife died and Bill and Boomhauer left for something better. He's has not gotten past his former craziness, and suffers from chronic swearing, most of which goes uncensored (particularly in Litecoverian broadcast. Political Standing:Conservative

Captain Morgan---A pirate and a childrens' TV personality who advertises for his own drinks. He frequently says the Dreaded Q Word. Represents stereotypical American children's programming, much of which is beginning to have prfanity uncensored. Political Standing:Unknown

Sideshow Nick---An unhealthily short Guatemalan who is Morgan's sidekick. He usually ends up being thrown back into Guatemala by the end of the episode because he is in the US illegally. Has two sons, no wife to speak of, and indulges in liquor. Quit in 2001, but reappeared in the "future episode" as a police officer. Political Standing:Liberal

Dave n' Dan Habagedejos---Nicholas' possibly gay and troublemaking twin sons. They often assist Tyler in his evil quests. Seem to represent creator Mike Judge's possibly racist view of Hispanic children. They both have cyber-boyfriends from Litecoveria. Political Standing:Unknown

Larry France---Tyler's best friend, a dorky geek who is beaten up by bullies but, due to his incredible technology, he can freeze the bullies and violently abuse them. His surname, according to Judge, refers to his wimpiness. Despite all this, he is probably a Republican. Political Standing:Conservative

Unnamed Yokel---An unnamed yokel who may or may not be related to Ben. He is always suspicious of Tyler's antics. Appears to be a former marine. He is also a bachelor, as he has indicated several times. Also an evangelical Christian. Political Standing:Conservative

Johnny McGury---David's best friend and a seriously disabled Catholic Irishman who has his leg gone. Political Standing:Conservative

Tasharapshat Shahavipavakijan---Yanghes' gehnguy father who plans to obliterate all Americans from the face of the earth. He stays Armenianized, and thinks Bobby is a load of crap. Yanghes always looks forward to him coming over so they can have a "Bobby Hill Roast". Political Standing:Socialist

Kartashi Artasapakijan---Rehes' cousin who is possibly the most stuck-up snobby character in the show. He died in 2004. He really stays Armenianized. Based on Rovoam from Bevin Bay. Political Standing:Socialist

Inida Tenkilijan---Yanghes' poor, obese sister who is nearly all Americanized, much to the chagrin of Rehes. Her name is 'I Need to Tinkle' stuck together. Political Standing:Liberal

Sideshow Joe---After Nick quit in 2001, he was replaced by Sideshow Joe, an Arabian guy who always ate hummus and bagels and foiled Morgan's plans. Bigoted against Jews. He left in 2004. Political Standing:Unknown

Erica Fartentoot---A ghai unpopular goth girl who seems to hate Sandra for no particular reason, except her bigotry that Sandra is a mutant. Major enemy of Sandra, both being obese and nerdy. Political Standing:Liberal

Sideshow David---See David Hill.

Frodo Scones---David's next best friend who believes everyone is a terrorist and therefore carries a gun in his pocket all the time. He also is known to chase a lot of attractive girls, usually from the school's cheerleading squad. Political Standing:Conservative

Mr. Siguar---Mr. Siguar, pronounced 'cigar', is Bobby's temperamental, fat boss. Tends to be extremely stupid, and most often makes terrible business decisions. Political Standing:Unknown

Mr. Goldman---The Hills' next-door neighbor, a complete yuppie, and science teacher at the middle school Sandra goes to. He is unmarried, and has an extremely high income, which he loves boasting about. Thinks he's better than the "Hill poofters". Hates Bobby in particular. Political Standing:Conservative

Montgomery Jones---The world-famous black basketball player in all his glory, except when Tyler happens to be around. He is also a former rapper, which he reflects by frequent use of the "n word" and by his catch phrase: "White people should get kicked up ass!" Political Standing:Unknown

Bill Bubba---A freakishly huge bully who administers some good justice to Tyler. Thinks Larry and Tyler are gay. Political Standing:Unknown

Sideshow Jethro---A Nebraskan Jeb corn-husker who replaced the short-lived Sideshow David in July 2005. Political Standing:Unknown

Godfrey Schanaughasfeghyonshgeykhascztunkelheimstein---A delusional German teacher in Tyler's school. He seems to be an evil genius, always talking about destroying America, and Tyler looks up to him for this. Political Standing:Liberal

Croboy Pickles---A TV personality on Morgan's show who teaches little kids how to read. He became Sideshow Pickles in December 2005. Spoke with a Limey accent, and looks like John Lennon, which makes some think he's a poof. Political Standing:Liberal

QWERTYUIOP---A cyberstalker who always scares David out of his underpants. Arrested in May 2005. Political Standing:Unknown

ACTION MAN!---A superhero on Morgan's show. He used to run the 'letters to the author' portion of Morgan's show. Political Standing:Unknown

Mr. Quarius---An English teacher at David's high school and a new-ager. His name is A. Quarius, a reference to Aquarius, the new age.

Hezekiah Denton---An elf who has come from Rivendell to warn people of evil. He is not often listened to, however.

Mahgentawh Toopay---A spoof of the famous comic strip 'Lahvendawh Wigg' on Morgan's show.

Elrond Denton---Hezekiah's brother and keeper of the Stone of Elfishness, which falls into David's hands, causing an evil fate to occur.

Mr. Kent---A vile old prison guard who has had many encounters with Tyler trying to 'get him';he is the only one who knows his secret.

Zeus---The famous Greek god who can throw thunderbolts, and often does so at the Hill family.

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